Dreams of a Blue Turtle

Entry #2
I just can’t seem to get enough of the blue these days. I’ve been eating mostly protein and fatty foods (on the advice of my doctor), and I’ve pretty much quit eating bread, pasta, cereal grains, or anything with wheat or sugar in it.

“That’s not so odd”, you may say, “a lot of people are doing that, what with Doctor Atkins’ Diet and all that hubbub about carbohydrates being the true weight gaining foods.”

But what is really weird iis what I’ve been craving since I’ve been doing this. I like to eat cube steak with jalapenos and BLUE cheese. Not some creamy blue cheese mind you, but the real *stinky* authentic Danish BLUE cheese.

Those of you who know me know that I can be a snobbish connoisseur about things both related to food and not, so be sure I’m using quality ingredients only. (Angus cubesteak, fresh ground; the blue cheese of former danish kings; sliced hot pickled jalapenos; and a touch of a mixture of meat friendly spices.)

Anyway, I just thought you should know that.



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