This little journal thing of mine . . .

Entry #1
Well, if all goes well, this will be the first *real* entry in my new online journal. It’s taken me about 2 years to get it working, like everything else in my life. Technology seems to have “turned” on me, somehow knowing that I once enslaved their brethren and ilk, computers and pretty much anything electronical that I use in my personal life causes great pain and stress, frequently breaking at the wrong time, and never working up “to spec”. Maybe with the journal working, I’ll make some progress in turning this around in my life.
On a positive note, I just received the Cisco 7206VXR-300 router with Fast Ethernet and Dual DS3 adapter built in, I added my enhanced ATM adapter and single port PA-T3 and now it’s better than a “Bitchin’ Camaro” in my esteem.Anyway, I’ll try to actually add things here at least once a week, so get used to checking back.


P.S., Props to Ben Livingston, who is a Gawd, and my idol, for letting me guilt him into fixing this script which I cribbed from him to work on my Corporate Windoze 2000 box. Now you’re a Windows PHP developer too! Way to go Ben

P.P.S., If you need to buy anything at Amazon, go to my homepage and click on the little Amazon button thingy in the corner, and I’ll get to keep 5% of your money. It doesn’t cost you extra, really, and I really really really the money right now.



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