A Brief Interlude

Entry #4
After my last rambling post, I thought I’d post a brief followup regarding the tendency toward airport security fascism. Apparently, Illusionist Penn (of Penn and Teller), met with a hassle when recently flying out of Las Vegas, and he has posted an account of his experience on his weblog.
Credit being due where it is due, I originally found this link on Adam Curry’s Weblog.

This brings to mind another interesting thought. I told a friend of mine about my journal, and he said “So you’re blogging, now?” To which I could only answer “Yes, I guess I am.” This is a pretty scary thought, because I never thought of myself as blogging, but I guess that’s kind of what I’m doing, even though I have only associated that description with what Macintosh Weirdos do. I am definately “keeping an online journal, using open database connectivity standards, with a backend SQL database, based on PHP active scripting.” But Blogging? Hmm, begrudingly, I guess I admit that I am. . . .


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