Entry #5
I’ve been having a tough time this week.

First, I get a notice from Evergreen stating I’ve been “disenrolled” from class, because I didn’t pay by the deadline. Since I went to their webpage and tried to verify registration and was told “Your Registration Slot is January 8th”, I assumed I had until then to pay. WRONG! I guess I should pay more attention, but I only have “special student” status anyway, which is just a fancy term for “part-time”, and my class is only one weekend a month (when most of the campus offices are closed) so I’m not participating in the usual student experience, and have missed a few things.

Also, I thought my paper was due today (the 8th), but really it was due on the 6th, with a response to another classmates paper due today. Since the class hasn’t even yet met for the quarter, I’m thinking they’ll excuse the fact that it’s two days late.

Next, I get what appears to be a solication call last night due to extremely long pause between my saying hello and someone on the other end resonding, (long pause, *click*, “er, Hello, Mr. Stewart?”). I find out it’s Qwest, so I tell them I don’t want to buy whatever new phone feature they’re selling, and hang up. It rings again, and the lady says, “Mr. Stewart, I’m not trying to sell you anything, I just wanted to tell you that your phone is scheduled for disconnection unless you pay your bill soon.” Doh, I forgot. OK, so I tell her “thanks for the warning”, and let her go, thinking that since they warned me that they’d actually give me at least 24 hours to pay. Wrong again! I pick up my phone this morning to make a call, and no dialtone. Just an annoying repeating click, click, click.


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