Business, Business, Busy as a Bee . . . . .

Entry #6
I’m starting off my busy business week with a journal entry, because I’ve got so much on the table, I’ll probably not see light of day until Friday.
Today I’m meeting with our former landlord and am going to talk to him about renting our old office, which is being vacated later this month. It would be a real coup to get that office as we start the new business, as it is already wired for fiber optic capacity up to 150Mpbs (OC3) level, and can easily be upgraded to Gigabit capacity. We need a local data center if we’re going to get colocation customers in Olympia, so it would be really cool. It would be kind of weird working there, what with all that has happened since we sold the business. Kinda of a complete Karmic circle, I suppose.

Today is also the start of the 105 day legislative session, which is being housed in the portable chambers because of the legislative building being closed for renovation and earthquake retrofitting. Since they can’t have a joint session of the two houses in the Capitol builing, they’re going to hold it at the Gymnasium at St. Martin’s College in Lacey tomorrow, so that Governor Locke can give his annual ‘State of the State’ address, which I’m planning on attending. That kind of thing is always fun.

I’m also supposed to find time to write an e-mail and send it to all 149 state legislators, offering them my assistance and expertise on political, technical and regulatory issues facing Internet business and users. The impetus behind this action being the truism that “government policy is decided by those how show up”, which I learned before I was even old enough to vote.

Of course that is in addition to the homework I’m supposed to do for my class at evergreen, but I’ll have to squeeze that in later. Reminder to myself; I have to remember to go to TESC and buy my last textbook.

I still haven’t heard from the Freemasons yet, on the status of my petition to Join the lodge. I had to deliver a second one to them after the first one I gave them (back in August 2002) was misplaced. It has been almost four weeks since then, and the Lodge Secretary told me he was anxious to read it in Lodge and take action on it, which makes me wonder about the additional delays.

I better get to work now, since it’s going to be such a long day.

Martha Stewart (not a true Stewart, since she married into that name, and has long since divorced her husband) is on TV right now talking about tulip bulbs from the Netherlands, which she is continually calling ‘Holland’. I notice the bulbs she brought back with her are in little brown paper bags, with varietal names written in sharpie on the top of the bag. Odd that they don’t have the proper US Customs agricultural import inspection sticker on them, which *MUST* be done in NL before you take the bulbs out of the country, or else US Customs inspectors will not let them enter the country. I wonder how she got around that requirement ? ? ? 


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