Unbelievable progress. . . . .

Entry #7
I made unbelievable progress today, on projects that looked like they would end up screwing up my whole day, if not the weekend.
Heading up to Seattle at 7:15 AM in order to move our servers from the 18th floor of the Westin building to the 32nd floor, we experienced beautiful weather, smooth traffic, even though there was a heavy five-O presence on the freeway. We had a beautiful view of the sunrise and the mountains, and a pot of fresh coffee and other refreshments.

We had to move from an open rack to a closed cabinet upstairs at the data center because of our impending DSL access loop T3 installation. We arrived at 8:45, and had to wait about 10 minutes because the COLO center techs hadn’t arrived yet. After identifying an open rack, and telling us it was ok to move, the COLO center techs furiously went about dropping a T3 and Ethernet cable in our rack.

Unbelievably, our mission went well and we had the equipment moved and mounted, reconfigured and online before noon. Moving this much networking and server equipment inevitably means you’re going to have some horrible thing go wrong, making your work four times more difficult and lengthly that you planned.

After a nice cruise back to OlyWa, I checked the router to see if the COLO tech had finished running my T3 cable, and plugged it in. To my amazement, it was plugged in and running, and I was able to get the installation tech to configure a loopback PVC, and ran the circuit through a few successful transmission tests.

So let’s recap;

1) Beautiful Weather, Nice Commute to Seattle. 2) Quicker than planned work, no problems. 3) T3 installed without undue delay from qwest. 4) Good drive back, arrived before scheduled. 5) A good time was had by all.

That’s a combination that hasn’t come up often in my life lately, but I’m willing to take whatever I can get, gladly.


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