The Old Alma Mater(s)

Entry #13
Even though I started College in 1984 at Evergreen, I’m still not done yet! I only went to Evergreen for one quarter that year, then transferred to Eastern Washington University.

At EWU I lived the usual dorm life, drinking beer, smoking pot, going to classes every day, etc. I was glad to get away from Olympia and the seeming stagnation that I had created for myself there as a young lad. I loved the snow that blanketed the campus the day I showed up. I was not yet admitted, with no place to stay for the night, but I was thrilled at the prospect of a new beginning. It was the first Week in January 1985, and I was ready to take the world by the horns and ride.

I was able to get admitted, registered for classes, and assigned a dorm room in one day of futzing about the campus’ main building, Showalter Hall. Since I had arrived without notice, I ended up with a double room in the Morrison Hall Dorm, but no roomate for the first week. When a roomate was finally assigned, he turned out to be a foreign student from mainland China, and was frequently apologetic for disturbing me when he was in the room. I was normally just watching TV, or looking out the dorm window, and he wanted to study, but he just couldn’t get it in his head that the room was HIS too, and he could study if he wanted. He spent a lot of time at the library, and at a fellow Chinese student’s apartment. When he was about in the room, he was frequently leaving because he was a chain smoker, and smoking was only allowed on the “Adult Student” floor which was the 8th and highest floor in our building. He moved out after only about a week, and I ended up with the room for the entire quarter but didn’t have to pay extra. The following quarters I decided I’d like a single room, (thereby setting my pattern of not wanting roomates invading my private space) and ponied up an extra $100/qtr, and was moved from the 5th to the 7th floor.

To get by my first year, I worked a variety of work study jobs, including working through the ranks at Tawanka the student cafeteria. I started as a slop line (dirty dishes) worker, and quickly worked my way up to picking clean dishes from the machine and placing them in the “trucks” and “trays” and “baskets” to put them back out for the hungry masses. I moved on to burger flipper, hashbrown cook, and even worked the delivery line from time to time, which meant I could flirt with all the cute girls. I eventually snagged the coveted post of Busboy, whose duties didn’t include any work in the kitchen, but instead consisted of walking around the dining area making sure there were enough clean dishes and glasses, etc. out for the crowds of students that would come to dinner every night. It was a job that allowed me to be very social, and talk to my friends and fellow students as I worked. Other duties included replacing the 5 gallon boxes of milk in the dispensers when they ran dry, and bringing ice cream up from the freezer when the large tubs would become empty.

One night, the “Rock Dogs”, a couple of guys who lived near my dorm, and had a 70’s Hard Rock radio show on the campus Radio Station (Which has gone from College Radio to Jazz, it appears), and I schemed to steal a tub of ice cream for nepharious purposes. It was getting close to summer, and we decided to try and beat the heat that was getting to us. On duty that night, I went downstairs to get a new tub for the dining area, and placed a fresh new 5 gallon tub of strawberry near the loading dock, which they picked up as they left. That night, they dedicated the Van Halen song Ice Cream Man to me, to commemorate the party we had. Bong hits and ice cream was had by all!! Near the end of my first year, I was working an early shift (5:30-9:00) as bakery support, but I missed a shift the week before finals, because I was up late at a party, and forgot I had work the next day. I was suspended (fired) from my work study job, but happy to finally have some free time to study instead of working the last week of the quarter.


Another Day, Another Dollar. . . .

Entry #12
Or is that about 100 Dollars, straight down the toilet, with no more coming in. Oh well enough pessimism.
I don’t know what to write about today, so I won’t say much.

I am continually amazed at the weirdness and intolerance of our current Federal administration (Read: Wrinkly Old Men and a Cheerleading Kennebunkport Boy), and I notice Ashcroft has put his foot in a pile of shit again. This is the same guy who a year ago had the statue of Lady Justice inside the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. clothed because of his prudish tendancies. Now he has decided that despite all the courts ruling to the contrary, you can’t sell pipes and waterpipes if you appear to be a hippy. Of course this is the same guy behind the FBI witchhunt that has targeted a generation of male Muslim immigrants, punishing them harshly and holding them without due process of law, or even the most basic rights of a defendant in a court of law. All of this justified? by procedural violations of the law regarding their entry visa forms that were filled out when they entered this country. These people may hold views different to ours, they may even wish the United States great harm. If Great Britain had done this during the Revolutionary War after the first “Patriots” started rabble rousing in the colonies, we’d all be drinking Tea instead of coffee, and paying Homage to the Right Honorable Queen Elizabeth II, instead of electing our own leaders. We’d also probably have already fought that impending war, the great clash of the worlds’ three major religions that looms so threatening above our society, like the mythological Sword of Damocles, dangling precipitously from a single thread. If we could only just take the pinking shears away from GW and his coven of evangelical cronies.

Old TV

Entry #11
While watching an episode of 70’s brit-tv show Fawlty Towers, I just remembered two other 70’s shows that I’d love to see on DVD or at least back on the air. They were both Norman Lear shows that pushed the envelope, and were a little ahead of their time. Both were extremely funny, but canceled out of fear from the networks that they went too far. They would have been huge hits, if FOX had been around back in 1975. One was called “Hot L Baltimore” (The E in the neon sign had burned out), about a seedy hotel with hookers and other scummy city dwellers, living in a rat infested downtown flophouse hotel. It had that “Night Court” ensemble feel to it, but was a too controversial.
The other was “All That Glitters” about a gender backward urban 1970’s, which was real trippy. The women were in charge, and the men were all whiny little bitches. Kind of a total mind freakout.I hope they make it onto DVD someday. Norman, are you listening?


Masonic Initiation

Entry #10

I’m just leaving a quick note to say that yesterday, February 8th, 2003, my petition to join the Olympia #1 Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons was read in lodge and I have been accepted into the local Blue Lodge, where I’ll now begin my degree work. I won’t give the details here, but suffice to say I expended more effor than normal in my journey to become a Freemason. If you are interested in this, or in what it is all about, feel free to ask me in person.