Old TV

Entry #11
While watching an episode of 70’s brit-tv show Fawlty Towers, I just remembered two other 70’s shows that I’d love to see on DVD or at least back on the air. They were both Norman Lear shows that pushed the envelope, and were a little ahead of their time. Both were extremely funny, but canceled out of fear from the networks that they went too far. They would have been huge hits, if FOX had been around back in 1975. One was called “Hot L Baltimore” (The E in the neon sign had burned out), about a seedy hotel with hookers and other scummy city dwellers, living in a rat infested downtown flophouse hotel. It had that “Night Court” ensemble feel to it, but was a too controversial.
The other was “All That Glitters” about a gender backward urban 1970’s, which was real trippy. The women were in charge, and the men were all whiny little bitches. Kind of a total mind freakout.I hope they make it onto DVD someday. Norman, are you listening?



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