Another Day, Another Dollar. . . .

Entry #12
Or is that about 100 Dollars, straight down the toilet, with no more coming in. Oh well enough pessimism.
I don’t know what to write about today, so I won’t say much.

I am continually amazed at the weirdness and intolerance of our current Federal administration (Read: Wrinkly Old Men and a Cheerleading Kennebunkport Boy), and I notice Ashcroft has put his foot in a pile of shit again. This is the same guy who a year ago had the statue of Lady Justice inside the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. clothed because of his prudish tendancies. Now he has decided that despite all the courts ruling to the contrary, you can’t sell pipes and waterpipes if you appear to be a hippy. Of course this is the same guy behind the FBI witchhunt that has targeted a generation of male Muslim immigrants, punishing them harshly and holding them without due process of law, or even the most basic rights of a defendant in a court of law. All of this justified? by procedural violations of the law regarding their entry visa forms that were filled out when they entered this country. These people may hold views different to ours, they may even wish the United States great harm. If Great Britain had done this during the Revolutionary War after the first “Patriots” started rabble rousing in the colonies, we’d all be drinking Tea instead of coffee, and paying Homage to the Right Honorable Queen Elizabeth II, instead of electing our own leaders. We’d also probably have already fought that impending war, the great clash of the worlds’ three major religions that looms so threatening above our society, like the mythological Sword of Damocles, dangling precipitously from a single thread. If we could only just take the pinking shears away from GW and his coven of evangelical cronies.


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