Things I did the past few weeks. . .

Entry #18

Some of them are weird.

  • Sitting in a family restaurant having dinner I heard a patron singing along to the piped-in muzak, which happened to be “Kiss’ – I Was Made For Lovin’ You Baby.”
  • Was told by a member of my most honorable and ancient fraternity, the Free and Accepted Masons, regarding an issue of bureaucratic red tape involving placing a sign on the Lodge in Olympia – “The City of Tumwater is an archaic institution”. I almost fell over laughing due to the irony
  • Purchased a new Olympus digital camera for my Wife, for mother’s day. It takes great pictures, short movie clips, and is small enough to be easily concealable.
  • Drank wine, ate salmon cream cheese dip on crackers and chinese BBQ pork all courtesy of Heritage Bank and the Olympia/Thurston Chamber of Commerce. A fine time was had by all in attendance.

More to come . . . .


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