Chillin’ on the West-si-eedah, for now . . .

Entry #24

Been working hard, new DSL speeds up to 7Mbps, (at consumer prices), has us busy plotting, planning, and revising things at Zhonka now that DSL is cheaper AND faster than crappy Comcast.Just finished NANOG, where I met some cool guys from the various European Internet exchanges, and geeked out aplenty.

Heading to Gnomedex in three weeks, and off to Denver for Qwest sponsored sales rubdown, where I’m most definately going back to Casa Bonita, yeah! I went there once as a precocious young adolescent, and was amazed at the entire commercial MAGnitude and bulk-obscenity of it all, but it was great fun.

Yeah, I’m going to Casa Bonita! {Eric Cartman Voice}


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