An anniversary, none of us can celebrate.

Rachel Corrie

Three years ago this month, fellow Evergreen Student, and like myself, longtime Olympia Resident Rachel Corrie met her untimely and horrific death under the blade and tracks of a US Purchased Israeli military bulldozer, bulldozing homes, and disrupting the lives of Palestinians living in Gaza. 

Since that time, Israel has pulled out of Gaza, leaving the squabling Palestinian militant factions vying for power with their own internal Violent stuggle, and America is deeply involved in a quagmire, billed as a shadowy war on terrorism.  As a proud member of my high school class of 1984, we were required to read the book by George Orwell.  I wish our President would read, the news, books, scholastic articles, policy papers, and not make his decisions via faith and gut instinct.

See my recent Podcast (as Cosmo G Spacely) at the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, and look back in the archives of this blog to see what I wrote about this event the day it happened.


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