Tab Refreshing!!!

I think I should let the pictures speak for themselves.  I wouldn't want to ruin it for all us "not too old to remember the70's", who think that TAB is still cool.

Tab Energy - Click to Closeup!!Tab Energy Drink

Personally, I'll still stick with a SPARKS, when available, or more preferablly, a nice roasted coffee, hot, cold, black, creamy, however.


Another shot of Business Press

From the South Sound Business Examiner 

Jacob Stewart, co-founder, Zhonka Broadband
Class of 2003

Stewart continues to run his high-tech small business in Olympia. He is most proud to be associated with several nonprofit leadership positions, most notably as chairman of the Olympia Masonic Building Association, which oversees several million dollars' worth of commercial property in Tumwater, including the Masonic Temple on North Street, for the benefit of local Masonic organizations and charities. He is vice president of the Washington Association of Internet Service Providers, working with the Washington Attorney General and the Legislature to protect consumers in the Internet and telecommunications field. In 2005, they helped to get two important bills passed to help prevent, identify and protect Washington Consumers from Internet fraud.

Image Copyright (2005) by Jacob Stewart
Left to Right: Dave Olson, Zhonka Broadband Minister of Marketing, Jacob Stewart, Zhonka Broadband Secretary-General, Kevin Miller, Zhonka Broadband Intern, (unknown), Hunter Goodman, WA Atty General's office.

Oh, I’ll tak’ ye on the road again when the yellow’s on the broom

Photo by Teclo

It's becoming that time again in Washington State, when the Scotch Broom starts to flower, and many people incorrectly blame their allergies on the "Broom Bloom", (most likely it's the tremendous amount of Douglas Fir pollen that pervades the area that causes the allergies, and not the Broom.)

However, I have found a nice event, held along the east coast of Scotland, in Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, about halfway between Aberdeen, and Arbroath (to the south), that celebrates the broom, and the coming of Spring with a Music and Arts festival.  I'd love to attend, and do plan to make it someday.  I also plan to take my beautiful wife to the truly romantic and scenic Isle of Mull, and stay at the Mish-Nish in Tobermory some day (hopefully in the next few years) for the folk and traditional music festival.