Excited about Gnomedex

Just like it says, I’m getting excited about Gnomedex, where we intend to mingle with the blogospheres gliterati, and hopefully learn a new trick or two, and make some new friends, like last year.

I’m ready to help pimp out and demonstrate Castblaster, as the best available, live recording, Podcast creating tool available for non-techinical users.  I thank Castblaster Mike, and Combi-Tech for allowing me to be the unoffical Castblaster ambassador to the conference.

Here’s a picture of Adam Curry Demonstrating Castblaster on the day the first public beta was released (and the last day of last year’s Gnomedex), for me, Marc Canter, Uncleweed and a few other lucky souls.

I can’t wait to learn more about blogging, drupal, ajax, and learn how to use some of the great tools Google has been rolling out over the last year, like the new Google Calendar.