My Beautiful Wife

Courtesy of Kris Krug, a visual homage to my sweet wifey-poo.

Of course, I agree with him completely, she is a hawtie.

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Good Friends from Gnomedex #5

Robert Scales – Raincity Studios

Photo Credit: Uncleweed

Robert is the accomplished, formidable and talented design and business Wiz behind Raincity Studios, one of the premier design firms working with such prestigious clients as the Ask A Ninja Podcast, (iTunes #1 Rated Podcast), and many other clients.

From the short time we got to hang out, I learned that Robert’s got an incredibly elightened attitude about life, and what’s truly important (people), and shares himself with his friends without hesitation.

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Good Friends from Gnomedex, #4

Corey Denis – aka CrazyWanda

(Corey and Kris Krüg)
Photocredit: Uncleweed

Corey met us on her birthday, the last day of the Gnomedex, and we tried to make sure she had a memorable one. Corey works for IODA, which is a company that allows bloggers and podcasters to use “rights-cleared” music from independant record labels. After all, who wants to listen to more of the crap the Big 5 record labels are shoving down our throats?

Corey is a powerhouse of a marketing promoter, and has an incredibly amazing intellect, as well as being a *hawt* geek-chick. Of course, my wife Dingo and Corey really hit it off very well, so we’re both looking forward to the next geek-vent we both attend; or if we make down to the Bay Area.

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Good Friends from Gnomedex #3

Mark Chernesky – From CNN

Photo Credit: Uncleweed

We met Mark last year at Gnomedex5 and had a lot of fun talking to him about the news business, and the (then) newly burgeoning technology of RSS/XML feeds. Mark is a great guy, and another of the many friends we made, along with his colleague from CNN, Dermot Waters, and enjoyed the company of, at Gnomedex.

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Monkey Crap

Whoadude, I’ve been featured on the Crap Monkey Podcast, in Travis Petershagen’s often humorous Pieces of Crap Series, Episode #7.  Listen to the podcast, it’s a hoot!!!

Here’s a picture of the after-hours party, shorty before Travis shoved the microphone in my face without warning when I sat down on the chesterfield for a break. Travis is the one in the white shirt in the top of the photo.  He also runs the Seattle Podcasting Network Meetup Group, which I’ve been meaning to make it up to for a while.  Now I have a good reason to go soon, to buy him a beer, at the *very* least.

Photo Credit: ME

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Good Friends from Gnomedex, #2

Chris Heuer from Brain Jams

Not a great picture of Chris, (but one I took), although it was around 3:00 AM after we left the Broadband Mechanics after-hours party.  We seriously enjoyed hanging out with Chris, as he was the one who helped us find a nice comfortable room at the W for a reasonable price.  Chris is a lover of cats, and enjoyed hanging out with us in our hotel room and playing with our “wee kitten Oisin” during “in-between” times of the conference.  (In between conference and night functions, in between functions and parties, etc.)

Chris went out of his way to make my wife Dingo feel included, and they talked about cats, and who knows what else. . . . . . .  Cheers to our new friend Chris!

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Good Friends from Gnomedex, #1

Jacob Gower from BloggyNetworks.

Jacob was a first time attendee to Gnomedex, who, although originally from Tennessee, is now living and running his own blog/hosting business from Arkansas. Jacob and I not only share a first name, but also a birthday, which is a pleasing coincidence.

Jacob left his Laptop and Gnomedex Swagbag in my car after the after-hours party thrown by Marc Canter and Broadband Mechanics. Since I slept late the next day, (missing yet another Dave Winer appearance), he didn’t have his laptop for the first part of day two.

Jacob became a great friend, hung around with us, and we hope that we made his first trip to the NW (anywhere north for that matter) as fun for him as it was for us to hang out with him.

Photo Credit: Uncleweed
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