Good Friends from Gnomedex, #1

Jacob Gower from BloggyNetworks.

Jacob was a first time attendee to Gnomedex, who, although originally from Tennessee, is now living and running his own blog/hosting business from Arkansas. Jacob and I not only share a first name, but also a birthday, which is a pleasing coincidence.

Jacob left his Laptop and Gnomedex Swagbag in my car after the after-hours party thrown by Marc Canter and Broadband Mechanics. Since I slept late the next day, (missing yet another Dave Winer appearance), he didn’t have his laptop for the first part of day two.

Jacob became a great friend, hung around with us, and we hope that we made his first trip to the NW (anywhere north for that matter) as fun for him as it was for us to hang out with him.

Photo Credit: Uncleweed
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