Good Friends from Gnomedex, #2

Chris Heuer from Brain Jams

Not a great picture of Chris, (but one I took), although it was around 3:00 AM after we left the Broadband Mechanics after-hours party.  We seriously enjoyed hanging out with Chris, as he was the one who helped us find a nice comfortable room at the W for a reasonable price.  Chris is a lover of cats, and enjoyed hanging out with us in our hotel room and playing with our “wee kitten Oisin” during “in-between” times of the conference.  (In between conference and night functions, in between functions and parties, etc.)

Chris went out of his way to make my wife Dingo feel included, and they talked about cats, and who knows what else. . . . . . .  Cheers to our new friend Chris!

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One thought on “Good Friends from Gnomedex, #2

  1. Dingo rocks and so does your little bobtail kitty Oetia (sp?) – learned a bit of Gaelic traditions and a new apprecaition for my 1/4 Irish heritage from the lovely missus – also never knew anyone with as many nicknames – do say hello for me.

    Had a blast chatting with you guys and learning about your ISP experiences. So important to remember the practical benefits of standardizing on a platform – will help a great deal with the volunteer work we are trying to do for helping New Orleans’ small businesses.

    Hopefully will see you down here in SF sometime soon…

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