Dave O hops the Cluetrain, riding the rails.

Blogging for Retailers White Paper Provides Practical Advice for Online Merchants

My good bud, and fellow renaissance-man/entrepreneur and marketer extraordinaire Dave Olson gets the business press of the week, by feeding coal into the engine of the Cluetrain with an article in PR Web on his Practical Advice for Marketing Conversations White paper. (directly linked bypassing the form that gets you on the “marketing cold-call list.”)

Dave and I have had an unofficial contest running for years which measures which one of us can get the most press items published (either by us, about us, or including us), and he’s leaping out into a clear lead by a few good strides starting last year, with his exploits and successes of late.

Dave has recently had published two magazine articles and a guest blogging column in Heads Magazine. Some of Dave’s other new publishing ventures include a new colaborative Canucks Podcast, (to compliment his Canucks Outsider Podcast), a personal blog, a poetry blog, and of course, his world famous Choogle On with Uncleweed Podcast, which is breaking subscriber records each month!!! And, as I’m sure, more fame awaits Dave in the Great White North.

You can find the index to all Dave’s sites, and much much more at the grandiose clearing house that is Uncleweed.Net.

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