Police Activity at the Top Foods

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Four Years On

I couldn’t let this anniversary go without some kind of posting.

I saw an article in the newspaper about the new Rachel Corrie foundation, and thought I’d let people re-visit my post from March 16, 2003, the day Rachel Corrie died, (and three days before Shrub started the Iraq war.)

Although I’ve not been often proud of my country in the last four years, many members of my community have shown great courage and the will to bring justice that is giving me hope.  I stopped by the Security Building office where the Rachel Corrie foundation is headquarted, (as I do almost every day to get a cup of coffee at The Cupping room), and took the snaps above with my mobile phone cam.

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Obamania Hits Olympia

The Barack Obama supporters will be having their first local meeting at Evergreen tomorrow (March 11th) at 4PM in the TESC Library building, Room 4300.

I’ll be there to see if the “history in the making” is “Gary Hart” history, or “John Kennedy” history.  I have to admit I’m intrigued by Obama, and think that someone with little beltway experience might be just what’s needed in our country right now.


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