Go Vote For My Photo, Please?

JPG Magazine: Photos: “Bridge Sky” by Jacob Stewart

It’s always good when a closeted artist gets some encouragement about their work. I was able to receive a few of those achievments in the last few weeks. As I was in San Francisco for Podcast Hotel 3 in April, I got an e-mail from a publisher (Hyperion) that wanted to publish one of my photos in a book about learning Latin. I only get attribution, not remuneration, but still, it makes you feel good people are looking, and want to include my small contributions to their Opus or artistic work of other sort. That same week, JPG Magazine had a gallery opening in San Francisco, so I was able to attend. One of my other photos was being displayed, in a montage (of sorts) [I’m sure DaveO will point out that I contrived a way to use the word “montage” on my blog, but I digress.]It’s not like I’ve never gotten any recognition, I’ve had pictures published in a national magazine for money, written a monthly article for my local newspaper, and been honored as an up-and-coming business leader, but still, somehow, being appreciated for what you create, rather than what you are, fills a different and somehow more fulfilling need.

So, if you want to help me in my quest toward self-actualization, please click on the photo above, and vote for it. If I get enough votes, and the editors of JPG Magazine like it enough, it’ll get published, and I’ll get a few bucks.

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3 thoughts on “Go Vote For My Photo, Please?

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  2. Wow. I’m impressed…as usual with your lovely self. That’s an grand ole’ photograph…the detail in it is fantastic and the lighting is perfect.

    Me = Proud. You = Rockin.


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