Why I’m Supporting Barack Obama

You can never be sure, you can never fully trust the people you hire to govern, or the people to be governed.  What do you do?  I’ve decided this year to believe.  To believe that our country can be healed.  I’ve decided to come off the fence, and declare my support for Barack Obama

Please click on the image above, to see a bit more about why I’ve chosen to believe, against reasonable hope, perhaps, that our country can be united, and people can start to believe in the precepts of tolerance, welcoming immigrants of all nations, faiths, and ethnicities, and strong funded public education. 

“The ‘we’ we’ve been waiting for to come and fix our problems is us!”  It’s time to take back control of this country, and put the scoundrels who have damaged our country into jail where they belong!

If you live in Washington, please attend your caucus today!

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m Supporting Barack Obama

  1. believing doesn’t change the reality on the ground. obama is not addressing some of the major problems. has he ever pointed to the federal reserve as a problem? no. he blames the private sector. and when he uses the word “We” he is using the imperial “we”. that is a very important distinction.

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