Kick Steve Jobs in the Nuts

Okay, so I had to go the Apple Store in Tukwila this morning for my pre-scheduled iPhone repair/replacement appointment as ordered by the Apple iCare dude I talked to at length yesterday. He had made a big point of putting me on hold, calling the store in advance to make sure they had replacement stock; and he made an appointment (in the only available timeslot) , for me at 11:45, and I showed up about ten minutes early.

In true “Apple Weirdo Fashion”, the store was crowded with all sorts of strange folks, from grandmothers trying to get their 3G iPhones activated, to the goth dude sprawled on the floor with MacBook plugged into an A/C outlet meant for a display unit. I sidled up to the “Genius Bar”, and saw my name listed as number three on the list of iPod/iPhone appointments on the rotating flat screen, which alternatively displayed iTunes and Mac OS tips as well as flashy logos.

Since the only problem with my phone is the flat connector on the bottom came wonky from the factory, and when plugged into the dock or A/V composite cable, there is no “Right” audio channel, I sat and took pictures and compared location finding accuracy with a guy who had his 3G iPhone replaced due to a broken glass screen; (he also had a wicked case of big toe rot which should have been covered out of courtesy instead of ‘on display’ in his Birkenstocks.)

After waiting patiently (well past my 11:45 appointment, they finally call my name. I naively think that this means that they will just need to verify (duplicate) the problem and I’ll be out the door with a sharply boxed replacement.

Well, the first part was true enough, I explained the problem, my assigned genius “Larry” (who did a fine job), took the phone behind the hidden post-modern steel door, and came back out a few minutes later.

He says, “yeah, I’ll authorize a replacement,” .. it seems you just bought the 16gb (first generation) iPhone in March (to replace one that took a dive into my toilet while I was watching the Snoopy Easter Special,) *”but I’m afraid I don’t have any in stock.”* hello?

Great, the guy at AT&T/Apple iCare (?) basically lied to me, and now I’ve got to make another 130 mile round-trip to pick it up, whenever it arrives. Whatever, it would have been too good to be true anyway, if they had just replaced it right?

So to add insult to Apple’s injurious indifference, I get a call at 5:00pm tonight. “hi, I’m calling from the apple store, and you replacement iPhone is ready to pickup!” Ugh!

Do I drive back up tonight (probably), or wait until tomorrow when I’m bound to be ber busy.

I still wanna kick Steve Jobs in nuts! Any volunteers want to help me form “The Committee to Pie Steve Jobs” ?



One thought on “Kick Steve Jobs in the Nuts

  1. I can even faintly make out the grandmother in the background there.

    How dare you talk about The Messiah that way? Steve Jobs needs kissed, not kicked. He is the pope of tech.

    You weren’t by any chance in line with me for the iPhone when it was first released, were you? Ahaha. I made the olympian. I’m a lewzer.

    -That other guy from Oly on BrightKite

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