Magical Mystery Tour, Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus Tour in Four Video Acts

Subtitled; Why I Love Gnomedex so much!!!

The Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus, in Four Video Acts

In the afternoon on day 1 of Gnomedex 8, Alex Williams had Chris Pirillo announce that the Iterasi “Magic Bus” was going to make a quick tour to an art gallery in North Seattle where KK had purchased a work of art from a friend of his that was on display, and he was going to pick it up. It turned into one of the best side-trips at Gnomedex, and was Legendary in it’s scope.

On the bus, we had bloggers (1,2,3), podcasters (1,2,3), photographers (1,2,3), writers (1,2,3), bon-vivants (1,2,3), hippies, and even a Cyborg Anthropologist!

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To begin our journey, our virtual Cassady, who was channel proficiently by Nat, takes the wheel, and leads the Gnomedex magic bus (sponsored by Iterasi) on a mind blowing journey.

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Part Two of the Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus Tour, people relax, enjoy the special magic bus atmosphere, and everyone enjoys geeking out on the bus, and many pictures that will end up on flickr are taken.

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As the bus rambles north through ballard, we pass a city bus on 15th which is riding in the in Ballard, and head for Greenwood, Alex of Iterasi makes a few comments, and the bus passengers engage in much fun and frivolity!

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after loads of good hospitality and good times at the Bherd Gallery in Seattle, the Gnomedex magic bus trippers get back on the bus, and get loose for the ride back to the Waterfront. On the way we got sidetracked by a drawbridge opening up to let a small sailboat through.

KK took this advantage to take some pictures. *check these out*

So a really big thanks to Chris and Ponzi Pirillo, who run Lockergnome, which is the host of this spectacular, unsurpassingly enjoyable tech event!!!

See you *all* next year, and thanks for all the fish!!

These videos are shared on by theunabonger with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

If you were on the bus, and want a link above, leave a comment, I’ll add it! I enjoyed hanging out with each and every one of you!


4 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour, Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus Tour in Four Video Acts

  1. Awesome, Jay. These videos capture the magic of that bus ride. I felt transported on that journey, like traveling to another dimension for a view into the local art scene. What a powerful energy we generated. Long live the Gnomedex merry pranksters. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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