Being more proactive…

Trying to more proactive, I’m being super geeky by blogging about the new Netflix iPhone app while busy doing something else (don’t ask if you don’t want to know, ’nuff said.)

I like the new Netflix steaming iPhone app for the following reasons. Although I’ve had a slingbox for years, I didn’t want to try and go through the trouble to make it work with my Roku, as it has been handy at giving me access to my still functioning Replay-TV unit (serendipitous Andrew Wood connection un-intentional.)

The app is easy to use, and performs quite well on my old 3G running 3.1.3 iPhone OS. I think they might use a seperate group of servers for the iPhone (ipad) clients, because it is sometimes slow to respond when listing shows.

Quality is higher than expected, so commence the custom of watching movies and tv shows in the bathroom when engaged. (I told you that you didn’t want to know.) 🙂


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