“Hack” at the shrine club meeting – 9/23/2011

Past Thurston-Mason Shrine Club President – 1974 Don “Hack” Haskins


What to do with Capitol Lake?

In yesterday’s Olympian Newspaper, Allen Miller wrote an editorial suggesting that the Capitol Lake vs estuary question is the primary issue in this year’s local election.  Do you Agree?  What do you think should happen to the lake, and how should the local government and state proceed?   Take the poll below, and let your voice be heard.

Capitol with Lake and Fog

My New Vice

My New Vice, originally uploaded by theunabonger.

So I’ve started this new craving kick. I’m buying the cheapest vodka I can, and filtering it through a Brita Pitcher. I’m chasing the refrigerated Vodka with pickle juice. Sometimes I substitute pickle juice from jalapeños or pepperoncini for extra kick.