Occupy These Pants!

At the Occupy Olympia Protest


Occupy Olympia – Sign of the Times

Occupy Olympia Sign, originally uploaded by theunabonger.

So, Occupy Olympia is in full force, and the protesters have setup a pretty good (if sparsely populated) test city after Day 2 of moving to Heritage Park on the Capitol Campus. They need to increase the amount of compelling activities, like speakers, or a band, or maybe some kind of forum event.

I liked this sign the best, as it seems to embody the mood of the movement. I fully support this sentiment, however, and am not mocking the humorous statement, I fully support it.

Will go back down tonight to see if they’ve livened things up yet, as last night was also pretty quiet.

Fractal Cauliflower

I saw this bit of natural beauty at the Olympia Farmer’s Market last Sunday. It’s truly the most beautiful vegetable I’ve ever seen. I was compelled to purchase it and take it home. I learned by searching “fractal cauliflower” that’s it is a Romenesco Broccoli.

I am going to serve it up with some garlic butter and Parmesan cheese.