The Return of Kindness

So, this morning after visiting the surgeon who hacked the abscess out of my neck near the base of my spine for a follow-up, I was driving through the Starbucks to get Brielle an eggnog latte, we pulled up through the drive-through. It wasn’t crowded, but there was a Volvo (?) in front of us, I didn’t pay much attention, quite frankly.

When we pulled up to the window, I attempted to use my iPhone to pay with Starbucks Card QR code functionality, but the guy at the windows says, “oh no, you don’t have to pay, the person in line if front of you paid for your beverage.” This has happened to me before, but only when I was kind of being a jones-ing coffee fiend, and had to deal with a long line, and people in front of me who were blocking other people from getting out of the crowded DuPont Starbucks lot in the morning. It did calm me down at the time, and make me feel good about human nature no matter how frustrating other humans can be at times.

So we paid it forward, er, well technically backward in line, and purchased the lunch bistro-box that the guy behind us had ordered.

Perhaps the “Age of Aquarius” is truly upon us, and a the new Law of Love will begin to rule the land, as destiny proclaims.


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