Tweekers Suck

Why yes, yes they do…. 😉



Political Halloween Masks

candidates Halloween masks

Checking out the Halloween masks at JoAnne Fabrics (Formerly Ben Franklin) in West Olympia, I noticed that there were no John McCain masks, although they had both Hillary and GW Bush, in addition to Barack Obama…. How odd.

Magical Mystery Tour, Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus Tour in Four Video Acts

Subtitled; Why I Love Gnomedex so much!!!

The Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus, in Four Video Acts

In the afternoon on day 1 of Gnomedex 8, Alex Williams had Chris Pirillo announce that the Iterasi “Magic Bus” was going to make a quick tour to an art gallery in North Seattle where KK had purchased a work of art from a friend of his that was on display, and he was going to pick it up. It turned into one of the best side-trips at Gnomedex, and was Legendary in it’s scope.

On the bus, we had bloggers (1,2,3), podcasters (1,2,3), photographers (1,2,3), writers (1,2,3), bon-vivants (1,2,3), hippies, and even a Cyborg Anthropologist!

To begin our journey, our virtual Cassady, who was channel proficiently by Nat, takes the wheel, and leads the Gnomedex magic bus (sponsored by Iterasi) on a mind blowing journey.

Part Two of the Iterasi Gnomedex Magic Bus Tour, people relax, enjoy the special magic bus atmosphere, and everyone enjoys geeking out on the bus, and many pictures that will end up on flickr are taken.

As the bus rambles north through ballard, we pass a city bus on 15th which is riding in the in Ballard, and head for Greenwood, Alex of Iterasi makes a few comments, and the bus passengers engage in much fun and frivolity!

after loads of good hospitality and good times at the Bherd Gallery in Seattle, the Gnomedex magic bus trippers get back on the bus, and get loose for the ride back to the Waterfront. On the way we got sidetracked by a drawbridge opening up to let a small sailboat through.

KK took this advantage to take some pictures. *check these out*

So a really big thanks to Chris and Ponzi Pirillo, who run Lockergnome, which is the host of this spectacular, unsurpassingly enjoyable tech event!!!

See you *all* next year, and thanks for all the fish!!

These videos are shared on by theunabonger with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

If you were on the bus, and want a link above, leave a comment, I’ll add it! I enjoyed hanging out with each and every one of you!

Kick Steve Jobs in the Nuts

Okay, so I had to go the Apple Store in Tukwila this morning for my pre-scheduled iPhone repair/replacement appointment as ordered by the Apple iCare dude I talked to at length yesterday. He had made a big point of putting me on hold, calling the store in advance to make sure they had replacement stock; and he made an appointment (in the only available timeslot) , for me at 11:45, and I showed up about ten minutes early.

In true “Apple Weirdo Fashion”, the store was crowded with all sorts of strange folks, from grandmothers trying to get their 3G iPhones activated, to the goth dude sprawled on the floor with MacBook plugged into an A/C outlet meant for a display unit. I sidled up to the “Genius Bar”, and saw my name listed as number three on the list of iPod/iPhone appointments on the rotating flat screen, which alternatively displayed iTunes and Mac OS tips as well as flashy logos.

Since the only problem with my phone is the flat connector on the bottom came wonky from the factory, and when plugged into the dock or A/V composite cable, there is no “Right” audio channel, I sat and took pictures and compared location finding accuracy with a guy who had his 3G iPhone replaced due to a broken glass screen; (he also had a wicked case of big toe rot which should have been covered out of courtesy instead of ‘on display’ in his Birkenstocks.)

After waiting patiently (well past my 11:45 appointment, they finally call my name. I naively think that this means that they will just need to verify (duplicate) the problem and I’ll be out the door with a sharply boxed replacement.

Well, the first part was true enough, I explained the problem, my assigned genius “Larry” (who did a fine job), took the phone behind the hidden post-modern steel door, and came back out a few minutes later.

He says, “yeah, I’ll authorize a replacement,” .. it seems you just bought the 16gb (first generation) iPhone in March (to replace one that took a dive into my toilet while I was watching the Snoopy Easter Special,) *”but I’m afraid I don’t have any in stock.”* hello?

Great, the guy at AT&T/Apple iCare (?) basically lied to me, and now I’ve got to make another 130 mile round-trip to pick it up, whenever it arrives. Whatever, it would have been too good to be true anyway, if they had just replaced it right?

So to add insult to Apple’s injurious indifference, I get a call at 5:00pm tonight. “hi, I’m calling from the apple store, and you replacement iPhone is ready to pickup!” Ugh!

Do I drive back up tonight (probably), or wait until tomorrow when I’m bound to be ber busy.

I still wanna kick Steve Jobs in nuts! Any volunteers want to help me form “The Committee to Pie Steve Jobs” ?


Republican Madness

How can the people be so easily hoodwinked? How can so many people watch Fox(un)News and think it’s anything other than revolting?

Stop watching Springer, put down the remote and read a goddamn book, you foolish foolish sheeple!

God help us if we elect that crazyman John McCain (“I’m Brian Fellows, you’re CrAZy”*) And I thought Bush was whack!

* Brian Fellows joke courtesy of Dingo, and of course, Tracy Morgan and SNL. 😉

a minor rant regarding Speedtests, 3G, iPhones and Paperclips

I’m sitting here eating breakfast at my favorite breakfast place in Olympia, which I scheduled for low volume, with few customers coming and going. The smooth jazz is playing, as I watch a singular street person (derelict, bum, homeless, metallly-ill?) wander past the fenced in parking lot of the decrepit “ghetto Safeway” which has been closed since last june, and languishing due to “no retail stores clause in the sale agreement.” As I sit here, the logs trucks come by occasionally, loaded with their “National Forest Booty Give-Away” lumber. No question I’m in Olympia, for sure.

My Friday appointments and plans have all been pooched my schedule, (always bad timing) and now I set forth on a whole set of different priorities.

I’ve have done about 3 hours worth of research on Apache/PHP/Drupal tuning, and monitoring a server hosting a site on which I’m doing some “sys-adminy type” consulting, and performance tuning. Of course the problem with being a consultant, is you only get to bill for about 1/4 of your time, as you often have to do research to figure out what do to, and most of that is not billable.

I’ve brought a Belkin Wireless Access Point down to put in the restaurant (Cicada) to include them in the wildly popular Zhonka! Surfbreak program of free (no-marketing, no data-collection, no-logging, and no “give us your name and click here” website re-directs) WiFi Hotspots, our contribution to the “DIY, power to the people!” ideal I care so stongly about.

My AT&T 3G wireless card is serving me until the access point is in place. (Must eat first for strength!)

What - No Images?What - No Graphics?

You can see my results (Olympia to California on AT&T’s 3G network, and back to Olympia via Intertubes), speeds not bad, but still pricey at $60 month ($80 without AT&T Mobile Phone on plan).

This of course reminds me that my iPhone has a pooched transmitter (or antenna connection problem), and that I received my over designed pre-paid FedEx mailer for service. They have a little white iPhone sized box with foam pad, and little pouch to put it in. Also included in the package was my Apple(TM) officially issued “paper-clip”, in a little parts baggy with a pictograph on how to remove the sim before sending. Wish me luck!!

Apple iPhone Repair

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Flickr Spam, Free Prizes, and Booby Traps. . .

While checking out media feeds with Flock 1.0 RC3 I noticed a friend of mine’s flickr feed had been splooged on by Viagra Spammers. I assume he needs to change his-mail to flickr address, to stop the flow.

Also, another friend of mine sent me a myspace message (it turned out her account had been hijacked), with a “Free Macy’s Giftcard” message, which was a photo-ad-link to a survey site, where, assumedly, someone was getting ad referral money for the link.

This morning, (after heading out on the town to celebrate Halloween with Dingo in a costume contest at a notorious 😉 local gay bar), I got an SMS that said I’d won a free professional quality portable WAV/MP3 stereo recorder device. (An Edirol R-09 24 Bit Wave 24 Bit MP3 Recorder – see below) from Foneshow, as part of a promotion regarding their public beta announcement at Podcamp Boston. Since I had registered on their site the night before, I knew the drawing was for real, thanks to Bowl of Cheese for the tip about Foneshow through his twitter announcement!

Eridol R-09.jpg

This little device will come in handy with my work on the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, as well as enable me to expand the type and number of Podcasts I produce, including possibly reviving the good-intentioned, but completely neglected Olympia Legislative Watch.

These topics may seem unrelated, but as I thought about the universal connectedness of all things, I realized they weren’t. Buddhist (and other eastern philosophies) have always suggested that material goods can not bring happiness, and more often bring only suffering and pain. I’ve often found this to be true. . . . Prizes often come with booby traps (personal, no marketing slam against the nice folks at Foneshow, thanks again!), sometimes they spring long after the prize has come. . . .

Life comes with pitfalls, this is a truism that cannot be debated, nor proven scientifically. But no matter what, you have to climb up out of the hole and on toward the goal, so I try to keep the goal in site. Heinlein stated it best; “In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” . . . (this quote is attributed to Heinlein, who’s philosophy of humanism and “good-naturedness” in his bookschanged my life’s perspective early on.

So, I don’t know the answer to this question, other than “the universal law of Love” reigns as we enter the age of aquarius. Sorry if that’s cryptic and meaningless, but I question now, more than ever, my understanding of things around me.

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