Help Save Our Therapy Cat

Save Our Therapy Cat

Feeling better this morning. Please consider donating to help us pay the emergency hospital bills to save my wife’s therapy cat.

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Flickr Spam, Free Prizes, and Booby Traps. . .

While checking out media feeds with Flock 1.0 RC3 I noticed a friend of mine’s flickr feed had been splooged on by Viagra Spammers. I assume he needs to change his-mail to flickr address, to stop the flow.

Also, another friend of mine sent me a myspace message (it turned out her account had been hijacked), with a “Free Macy’s Giftcard” message, which was a photo-ad-link to a survey site, where, assumedly, someone was getting ad referral money for the link.

This morning, (after heading out on the town to celebrate Halloween with Dingo in a costume contest at a notorious 😉 local gay bar), I got an SMS that said I’d won a free professional quality portable WAV/MP3 stereo recorder device. (An Edirol R-09 24 Bit Wave 24 Bit MP3 Recorder – see below) from Foneshow, as part of a promotion regarding their public beta announcement at Podcamp Boston. Since I had registered on their site the night before, I knew the drawing was for real, thanks to Bowl of Cheese for the tip about Foneshow through his twitter announcement!

Eridol R-09.jpg

This little device will come in handy with my work on the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, as well as enable me to expand the type and number of Podcasts I produce, including possibly reviving the good-intentioned, but completely neglected Olympia Legislative Watch.

These topics may seem unrelated, but as I thought about the universal connectedness of all things, I realized they weren’t. Buddhist (and other eastern philosophies) have always suggested that material goods can not bring happiness, and more often bring only suffering and pain. I’ve often found this to be true. . . . Prizes often come with booby traps (personal, no marketing slam against the nice folks at Foneshow, thanks again!), sometimes they spring long after the prize has come. . . .

Life comes with pitfalls, this is a truism that cannot be debated, nor proven scientifically. But no matter what, you have to climb up out of the hole and on toward the goal, so I try to keep the goal in site. Heinlein stated it best; “In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” . . . (this quote is attributed to Heinlein, who’s philosophy of humanism and “good-naturedness” in his bookschanged my life’s perspective early on.

So, I don’t know the answer to this question, other than “the universal law of Love” reigns as we enter the age of aquarius. Sorry if that’s cryptic and meaningless, but I question now, more than ever, my understanding of things around me.

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Peanuts don’t have gluten, do they?

In honor of the sweet peanut butter cookies I’m making tonight, I’m re-hashing some of my old web 1.0 content, and posting it to my blog, and to OlyBlog. Have fun, and remember, all things in moderation!


Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies by Cosmo G. Spacely


peanut butter 1 cup
sugar 1 cup



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, (180 C), mix ingredients thoroughly with fork, and spoon out cookie sized blobs on a cookie tin, preferably one lined with tin foil and pre-greased, then place them in the oven until they are done. (Usually between 13 and 18 minutes, depending on your taste, oven weirdness, etc. Make your own judgment, eh?)

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking since these cookies are gluten free, they’re somehow more healthy than other cookies. These cookies are heavy in fat, cholesterol, calories, and carbohydrates, all of which are bad for you one way or another. Make and eat at your own risk. Cosmo G. Spacely makes no representation of any kind regarding these cookies, not even that they are truly gluten free, (There’s no flour, do peanuts have gluten?) Cosmo does think that they are delicious, however. * Nutritional information is estimated, probably largely suspect, but included here anyway, as some kind of penance for putting these tempting cookies on the web in the first place.

Nutrition Facts*

amount per serving

(per serving, based on six servings total in recipe, you do the math)

Calories 412

Protein 12g

Total Fat 23g

Sodium 212mg

Cholesterol 35mg

Carbohydrates 42g

Fiber 2.5g

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Clubside Brunch

Whilst Chillin‘ at the Clubside Café brunch on Sunday, and catching up on some podcasts with my new Mobile Phone (LG CU 500) and Stereo bluetooth headset (Moto BT820) combo, (Dingo and I had brought the wee burn Cael in for showsies), I noticed our noted credit union teller, and FRO advocate Lacey having a breakfast bagel.

Since I was wearing my new bowling shirt, she cut out the Sunset Bowl Midnight Karaoke ad for the lanes in Ballard, and brought it over to me.  It was all very dude like, dude.


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